Thierry worked as the Audiovisual Department Manager at Banque de la Cité (BNP Paribas group) from 1990 to 1994, and was responsible for credit operations and the management of investment funds. From 1994 to 1997, he was the Audiovisual Department Director at Banque OBC (ABN-Amro group), which operated investments, M&As, structured financing and credit for Europe’s audiovisual sector. Thierry managed over US$ 500 million for the continent’s sector.  From 1997 to 2000, he was the CFO, partner and movie producer at Les Films de la Suane and Cinemane Films.

As of 2001, in Brazil, Thierry took part in the development of FUNCINEs and its regulatory structure under the government’s request. The funds are inspired by the French SOFICAs, investment tools created in 1985 to boost the audiovisual sector.

Thierry was the co-founder and manager of RB Cinema 1 FUNCINE, and produced a case study on the viability of a multiplex movie theater using the empty, unproductive areas of Carrefour’s supermarkets, under the group’s request. The analysis had a price policy designed to attract low income classes and resulted in the creation of Inovação Cinemas S/A, a film exhibitor. The project, however of great potential, was poorly executed; nevertheless, Thierry and Investimage have learned a lot from that particular experience.

Thierry has an MBA awarded by the Ècole de Management of Lyon in 1988



Gabriel has dedicated his career to the financial market and to the Brazilian audiovisual sector. Kessler has been actively engaged at the structuring, prospecting and management of all the Investimage FUNCINEs.

He has extensive experience in film market investments and also in venture capital deals for the sector’s companies, having led investments in Bossa Nova S.A., Glaz Entretenimento S.A., Oca Animation S.A. and AfroReggae Audiovisual S.A. As Finance Director, Gabriel structured the merger of Glaz Entretenimento and Copa Studio, creating one of Brazil’s largest animation companies.

Kessler has been part of Investimage since 2011, when he started as an intern, achieving the position of COO later on. He’s been nominated a management board member of the Investimage’s invested companies.

Gabriel has an Economics degree awarded by UFRJ and a background on Law at UERJ.



Alexandre has worked 12 years at IBM, eight of which in Financial Planning and the remainder time in the Commercial department. From 2013 to 2016, Montenegro worked as an Independent Financial Advisor for small companies and took part in Risk-Office’s restructuring process. In 2016, he was in charge of EHTUA Capital, a result of a venture capital investment in the technology sector. Additionally, he took part in the APEX Forum at Silicon Valley; in the SXSW Conference in 2017 in Austin, Texas; and in Brazil Conference 2017, in Boston, Massachusetts. Since August 2017, Alexandre has been fully dedicated to Investimage, where he holds the positions of Commercial Director and partner.

Alexandre has an MBA degree in business awarded by Insper.



Victor has worked as a financial analyst in Private Equity and OTC deals. Taveira is a founding partner at Acrux, created in 2003, and an asset manager since 2006. He’s provided consulting services in the business analysis and business plan areas, seeking the Central Bank’s approval of financial institutions.

Taveira has extensive experience in both Private Equity and Structured Finance, and was part of the funding process of various companies; Victor has also designed a number of structured credit vehicles.

Entrepreneurial, he has been responsible for Acrux’s Venture Capital area for over 10 years and has founded four startups, aside from those which he followed as an investor. He’s been part of the inception of different companies as an investor, and carried it out through their development and disinvestment.

Victor has a Bachelor’s degree awarded by UFRJ and Master’s degree from FGV. He is a certified asset manager, an investment analyst certified by APIMEC and an independent financial advisor. He’s an IBGC (Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa) member, Endeavor mentor, in addition to being the invested companies’ mentor.



Vithoria has started her career at Grupo Riwa’s Financial Planning area, working on the development of economic viability analysis as well as on the implementation of budgets for the housing market.

Lechuga joined Investimage in 2015. Since then, she has structured the company’s Compliance department and has worked on Venture Capital investments in the audiovisual sector.

She currently holds the position of  Investment Manager at Investimage.

Vithoria has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics awarded by IBMEC.



Production Engineering undergraduate, Douglas’ professional experience lies in the Audiovisual and Financial sectors. Oliveira’s career began at Acrux Capital, at which he was the intern responsible for creating business plans as well as companies’ valuations.

Douglas became part of Investimage’s team in 2015, working at the company’s Back Office and leading its restructuring. During said time, he structured and operationalized investments in over 15 movies and gave support in starting four FUNCINEs. Douglas is currently Head Back Office at Investimage Asset Management.